We Rocked This Range Hood Wall

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This showstopper of a range hood wall looks deceptively simple to pull off. It lies. We put too-many-to-admit-here hours into perfecting it so we didn’t have an expensive fraction-of-an-inch mistake on our hands. Easy right? Just work in all that hood and stone stuff in. And make it look good. Easy, it wasn’t. But look good, it did. Yeah, this kitchen will be filled under F for “Favorites”, we (as in, the contractor, stone- fabricator, cabinet installer, just to name a few) defiantly rocked this range hood wall. A special thank you to my talented installer, Paul. He is meticulous, he takes pride in his work and he always has a smile on his face…EVEN when he see’s me walking onto the job site. He knows I will have another “can you do something for me?” I am, Trimline is, fortunate to have you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do!!! Obsessed with this kitchen? Us too. Ready to go for it? Give us a call and let’s talk kitchen.