Aluminum Frames in Kitchens in Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables, Ocean Reef, Miami, Key Largo, and the Surrounding Areas

Aluminum Frames in Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables, Ocean Reef, Miami, and Key LargoAs part of many kitchen designs, homeowners are frequently adding accent pieces or trim to this most-used room of any home in Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables, Ocean Reef, Miami, Key Largo, and the surrounding areas. One option that we are pleased to offer at Trimline Design Center are the aluminum frame doors from Dura Supreme Cabinetry. Many times, there are great kitchen cabinets that homeowners love but they don’t offer the option to have a cut opening for a glass front, such as for showing off special pieces or family heirlooms. Instead, we have these aluminum frames that provide for this feature and make a beautiful addition to any kitchen design. Talk with our team today to learn more about adding this feature to your kitchen.

Many Potential Uses for Aluminum Frames

More and more entryways and mudrooms feature a seating bench and cabinets for shedding the outdoor coats and boots and storing important things needed for the outdoors. Upper cabinets in this area can feature aluminum frames and clear glass as a small showcase or focal point for decorations and more. Other uses include making your butler’s pantry much easier to see where all of the dishes and other important items are.

Sometimes the use of aluminum frames can make specific cabinets stand out in the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. For example, with a bright steel vent hood over the stove you could add aluminum frames to a cabinet that is on either side of the stove for a visually impactful scene. The glass could be mirrored, opaque, or clear depending on personal preference. The same could be done with cabinets that flank a refrigerator.

Aluminum Frames Pair Well with Many Different Wood Finishes

At first it may seem like aluminum frames wouldn’t look good with the wood cabinets and the different colors and finishes available. But when you see them up close at our showroom, you will see that regardless of having a light color or dark color, these aluminum frames not only complement the cabinets but provide a unique bit of style and can work with your appliances as well. They can even be used on lower cabinets if desired to create a unique piece to your kitchen design.

Whether you have the desire to have a row of display cabinets with glass fronts to show off special items or you are looking for a different way to frame out an appliance or just offer a different feature to your kitchen, entryway, butler’s pantry, or elsewhere, incorporating the aluminum frames to the mix can really make a difference in your kitchen design. Talk with our team at Trimline Design Center to get more ideas for your home makeover.